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Lyme Lottery

LinkLine - Lyme Lottery

Lyme Lottery is an online lottery created to support local causes in Newcastle-under-Lyme. LinkLine (our local Telephone Befriending Service) registered with this Lottery to help raise funds for this much needed service, which costs around £12,000 per year to run.

To date we have raised a total of £1,208 since we signed up in 2017. Currently, we have 17 supporters raising £728 per year and are really grateful for those supporting Linkline in this way. Tickets only cost £1.00 per ticket, per week with 60% of this going directly to LinkLine.

If you feel able to support this cause please go to www.lymelottery.co.uk or call Lyme Lottery directly on 01782 479777.

It only takes a few seconds to join and you’ll be making a real difference to lonely and isolated older people in our community. Payments can be made by monthly direct debit or by card as a “one off” annual payment.

For more information, please contact

Jill Allbutt, LinkLine Committee on: 07890590118
Our Charity Number: 234216 
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